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rolled out the new SB>1 Defiant on 26 December. It is a compound design with co-axial rotor and pusher propeller, built for the US Army's Future Vertical Lift (FVL) contest.

The Hindustan HAL,,
or Light Combat Helicopter, has undergone field trials with Mistral MANPAD missiles. The system includes a helmet mounted display for target acquisition and pointing.

Zapad 2018
Was the massive Zapad 2018 exercise just a clever smoke- screen? Western observers claim that Zapad 2018 was the last stage in a triad of 2018 exercises by which Russia tested its ability to attack, consolidate, defend areas in Western Europe—primarily in the Baltics.

The electronic battlefield
in Syria is being won by Russia, claims British Major General Felix Gedney who just wrapped up a year as deputy commander of Operation Inherent Resolve. According to Gedney, "We saw a very clever, assiduous information campaign aimed at discrediting the campaign of the coalition."

Two Russian Su-34
fighter-bombers collided over the Sea of Japan on 2019-01-18. Only one of the four occupants was rescued.

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