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Defense Industry
EW and Low/Slow Flying Aircraft

Electronic Warfare

The following links are to major manufacturers of EWSP systems. Excluded from the list below are suppliers of components and consumables, software houses (e.g. modeling & simulation), test equipment manufacturers, R&D institutes, etc. Manufacturers of communications EW and SIGINT equipment are also left out unless their products are directly related to platform self-protection.

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Military Helicopters

Rotorcraft manufacturers typically build both military and civil helicopters. In some cases they are dual use products. The following list includes the only Chinese manufacturer with a web site:

Small Turboprop Aircraft

These are typically single-engine pre-jet trainers, but there is a growing interest in using them as attack aircraft in counterinsurgency (COIN) operations. Several choices are available and more are on the drawing board:

Which qualities should a turboprop aircraft have to be ideal in COIN operations? In the April 2009 issue of Jane's International Defence Review K Huckerby lists the following six attributes:

 1.  Be faster than a helicopter
 2.  Offer good handling and maneuverability at low speed
 3.  Be able to operate or deploy intra-theater above the basic air threat
 4.  Be cheaper to operate and support than a fast jet
 5.  Have good endurance, range, and payload, offering a long time on station
 6.  Offer good all-round visibility

Other Low and Slow Aircraft

All aircraft, military and commercial alike, fly low and slow during takeoff and landing. At this stage they are therefore as vulnerable to low-level threats as are helicopters throughout their missions and fixed-wing close-air support aircraft in the attack phase. A list off all possible manufacturers is beyond the scope of this page.

A final group would be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. These will also not be covered here.

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