Johnny Heikell


Helicopter EW Self-Protection
from Femtoseconds to Operational Capability

This unclassified four-day seminar has to date been presented in Australia, China, EU countries, and the US. The normal duration is four days, although it can be extended to five days. The extra day does not bring up new issues but allows more details to be covered.

Aim of the seminar

The aim is to generate improved understanding of the EWSP (Electronic Warfare Self-Protection) system, in a way that is useful in practical EW work. In line with the subtitle the approach is broader than what is found in ordinary EW courses and covers issues from the nanoscale to building operationally capable EWSP solutions. Although the focus is on rotor-wing applications, many of the covered subjects are relevant to self-protection of ground vehicles, UAVs, and to low and slow flying aircraft in general.


Participants are assumed to have a basic knowledge of EW, including sensor system electronics. However, experience has shown that a certain amount of fundamental radio-frequency (RF) and infrared/electro-optical (IR/EO) EW issues should be covered since seminar participants are not a homogenous group.

Seminar outline

Day 1

• Introduction & seminar objective
• Military thinking and implications for EW
Classical and modern ideas on warfare
Implications for helicopter EW
• Survivability and EW
Helicopter losses and the role of EWSP in survivability
Helicopter susceptibility and vulnerability, LFT&E
Survivability models and EW
• Threats & environment
The electromagnetic spectrum
Influence of the atmosphere, weather, ground, and sky
Multispectral (RF, EO, acoustic) threat systems
Emerging threats: data viruses, HPM, HFI, CBRNE

Day 2

• Recapitulation of RF EW
Radars, radar threats & radar waveforms
RF receivers for radar and RWR
Processing intercepted data
RF countermeasures: chaff and jamming
• Recapitulation of EO EW
The nature of EO radiation
EO threats; EO technology from UV to FIR
Anatomy of MANPADS

Day 3

• Recapitulation of EO EW (cont.)
Military lasers, OPOs, and laser beam riders
EO detectors and warning systems
EO countermeasures: flares, IRCM, DIRCM
• Platform-specific EW issues
Helicopter features: constraints and signatures
EW installation on helicopters
Avionics and the EW suite, on- and off-board interactions
• Operational-Tactical issues
Helicopter missions, flight tactics and trials
Preemptive vs. reactive countermeasures

Day 4

• EW life cycle
EW acquisition problems & life cycle
Export control and security of supply
• EW infrastructure
Intelligence and EW
Research and the EW support center
The EW verification and validation process
EWSP and network centric warfare
• EW coalition issues
Coalition EW problems & NATO approaches
International exercises: ELITE and Flag exercises
• Cyber threats to EW
Hardware threats
Software threats
• Conclusion

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