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Tailored EW Training Package
Extended Consulting Services

Aim of the package

The Tailored EW Training Package aims at providing customers support beyond that of ordinary consulting services by combining consulting and staff training. The need for such service typically occurs in situations where the customer is starting an EW project with limited professional resources. Due to this there is need for immediate consulting support and for training to build a pool of in-house EW specialists for the long term.


Participants are assumed to have sufficient knowledge of electronics to become skilled EW professionals. A minimum is BSc or equivalent degree in electrical engineering (telecommunications, radio engineering, etc.), electro-optics, or solid-state physics combined with some work experience.

Outline of a Training Package

Stage 1, Planning

The first stage of this training/consulting service consists of two steps, problem identification and proposal for problem solution:

1.1 Problem identification. Dr Johnny Heikell makes a 1-2 day fact-finding visit to the customer in order to conduct interviews with concerned individuals:
  • Managers with an insight of the project at hand, of the overall situation, and of the customer's long-term plans.
  • Individuals to be trained are expected to present their previous training and job experience, together with views on their training need.
  • Other concerned individuals, e.g. commercial and legal staff members.
  • 1.2 Proposal for solution. A report will be prepared based on information gathered during the fact-finding trip. The report outlines the problem and presents a roadmap for long-term solution. Questions discussed are for instance:
    • The immediate project, weaknesses that need attention and proposal for solution.
    • EW support in the long term, deficiencies and how to tackle them.
    • Training need and suggestions for improvement. Training will mainly be based on Dr.EW course material. Suitable external solutions will be sought if specialized training is required.
    • Equipment and tools, suggestions for alternative solutions.

    Stage 2, Implementation

    Stage 2 is executed independently of Stage 1 but built on the recommendations of the earlier report, modified by input from the customer. The duration of this stage typically lasts from one to several months, possibly divided into several periods of active work. Training and consulting are intertwined into a whole:

    2.1 Training classes are held several times a week according to an agreed schedule and syllabus. Specialized courses presented by outside lecturers (if needed) are full-day short courses under separate agreements.

    2.2 Consulting duties are performed between training sessions according to agreed tasks. Typical consulting duties are listed under SERVICES (click here to return to SERVICES page).

    Stage 3, Follow-up

    If required, a follow-up training/consulting stage can be conducted based on lessons learned in Stage 2. The follow-up agreement can be included as an option in the contract for Stage 2, which gives the customer knowledge of the cost of such a service while retaining the freedom to act according to the situation.

    Prices and Terms of Business

    Please go to the TERMS OF BUSINESS page for information on seminar prices and other terms of business.