Johnny Heikell


Terms of Business
For Consulting and Training


The table below is given for information only. Conditions vary from case to case and will reflect in the final total. The mentioned rates are for consulting and lecture fees. Additional costs are, when applicable, charged according to Finnish government rules. Typical additional costs are:

Consulting € 700-1000 per day depending
on other terms
EW Briefing to Managers € TBD for max. 10 participants,
€ TBD per additional participant
Introduction to EW Self-Protection € 6000 for max. 10 participants,
€ 220 per additional participant
Helicopter EW, four days € 7500 for max. 10 participants,
€ 250 per additional participant
Helicopter EW, optional fifth day € 1500, flat rate
Tailored EW Training Package, Stage 1 € 4800 including report
Tailored EW Training Package, Stages 2-3 Case dependent, in line with
above rates


Other terms

Draft conditions of sale for the Helicopter EW seminar are
given in the PDF file to the right (click to open). They can be
taken as a starting point for discussing consultancy and
training agreements.